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PortugueseFriday, April 02, 2021HomeCommentary: Patriots to administer HK, not rebels(Xinhua) 15:57, April 02, 2021BEIJING, April 2 (Xinhua) — The message from the recent perfection of Hong Kongs election system is crystal clear: anti-China and rebellious forces cannot enter the organs of power in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) under any circumstances, and patriots must have a sustained, overwhelming majority in the Election Committee and the Legislative Council.That is because some elements seeking “Hong Kong independence” and local radical separatists, incited by anti-China forces in the United States and elsewhere in the West, had grabbed some power through imperfect elections. They used official resources and platforms to recklessly carry out anti-China and disruptive activities, resisted the governance of the central government, obstructed the administration of the HKSAR government, harmed peoples livelihoods, and challenged the bottom line of “one country, two systems.”They even colluded with external hostile forces in an attempt to seize control of the HKSAR through election rigging. These activities have seriously undermined the constitutional order and rule of law in the HKSAR, challenged the authority of the Constitution and the HKSAR Basic Law, and seriously jeopardized national security, as well as the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, causing great harm and public discontent.If the above acts were simply ignored, Hong Kong would be trapped in a whirlpool of chaos and violence forever. Hence Beijing has stepped in to resolve the situation. From now on, anti-China forces will be excluded from the HKSARs administrative structure, and the violence and corruption hated by the people of Hong Kong will disappear from the legislative council. A new stage of development of Hong Kong democracy will be ushered in free from disorder.The steps that have been taken in Beijing tightened the “fence” of the HKSARs electoral system and provided a solid, stable and safe institutional guarantee for the implementation of the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong.”The principle is not unique. It is an internationally recognized basic requirement that those who govern must be loyal to their country, and it is also a principle that is commonly followed in the design of political systems around the world, including in Western countries.From a security perspective, it is a common practice around the world to maintain national security through election security, and no country allows local elections to endanger national security.Last but not least, Hong Kong is part of China and its affairs are Chinas internal affairs. External forces should earnestly abide by international law and basic norms governing international relations, and stop meddling with Hong Kong affairs and Chinas internal affairs at large in whatever form.(Web editor: Wen Ying, Liang Jun)var addthis_config = {“data_track_addressbar”:false};PhotosScenery of yardang landform in Xinjiang
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