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(Xinhua/Ma Zhancheng)”We should fully recognize the uncertainty in Chinas neighboring environment, but we should also realize that the general trend of prosperity and stability in the Asia-Pacific region will not change,” he added.Xi Jinping emphasized that todays world is changing. It is a world in which new opportunities and new challenges keep emerging, a world in which the international system and international order are going through deep adjustment and a world in which the relative international forces are in profound shift in favor of peace and development.”In observing the world, we should not allow our views to be blocked by intricate developments. Instead, we should observe the world through the prism of historical laws. All factors considered, we can see that China is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for its development endeavor in which much can be accomplished. Our biggest opportunity lies in Chinas steady development and the growth in its strength. On the other hand, we should be mindful of various risks and challenges and skillfully defuse potential crises and turn them into opportunities for Chinas development.”Xi noted that China has entered a crucial stage of achieving the great renewal of the Chinese nation. Chinas relations with the rest of the world are going through profound changes; its interactions with the international community have become closer than ever before. Chinas dependence on the world and its involvement in international affairs are deepening, so are the worlds dependence on China and its impact on China. “Therefore, in projecting and adopting plans for reform and development, we must give full consideration to both domestic and international markets, both domestic and foreign resources and both domestic and international rules, and use them in a coordinated way.”Xi stressed that China should develop a distinctive diplomatic approach befitting its role of a major country. “We should, on the basis of summing up our past practice and experience, enrich and further develop our diplomatic perceptions, and conduct diplomacy with a salient Chinese feature and a Chinese vision. We should uphold the CPCs leadership and socialism with distinctive Chinese features, and stick to our development path, social system, cultural tradition and values.”We should continue to follow the independent foreign policy of peace, always base ourselves on our own strength in pursuing the development of the country and the nation, and follow our own path unswervingly. While we pursue peaceful development, we will never relinquish our legitimate rights and interests, or allow Chinas core interests to be undermined. We should promote democracy in international relations, and uphold the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence,” Xi said.”We are firm in our position that all countries, regardless of their size, strength and level of development, are equal members of the international community and that the destiny of the world should be decided by people of all countries. We should uphold international justice and, in particular, speak up for developing countries.”Xi Jinping underlined the importance of pursuing win-win cooperation and promoting a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation. “We should continue to follow the win-win strategy of opening-up and a win-win approach in every aspect of our external relations such as political, economic, security and cultural fields.””We should uphold justice and pursue shared interests. This means we should act in good faith, value friendship, and champion and uphold justice. We should abide by the principle of non-interference in other countries internal affairs, respect the independent choice of development path and social system by people of other countries, promote peaceful resolution of differences and disputes between countries through dialogue and consultation, and oppose the willful use or threat of force.”
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