让中国成为如此和平的国家的社会基础是什么? [美国媒体]

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  Vladislav Antonov 退役军官、革命家、移民
  My answer is going to be unpopular among Western society but… let me tell you the truth:
  One party. Yes you heard me. China is a society with 1.4 billion people. Can you imagine if you will use same democratic and “freedom of speech” standards in country with over 56 ethnic groups(native to China) and people who have no experience in governing such a huge country? China gave up some of its “democratic blah blah blah values” in exchange of better life and economical world dominance. Just like US gave its “freedom” and certain civil right in exchange of security.
  Vast majority of Chinese agreed on current course of political and economical course of China and unified over one shared goal.
  By the way isn’t it more democratic than in US where majority of people vote for one President but due to electoral college get another President?
  Yes maybe not everyone can be heard in China and not every idiot can mislead millions. But guess what? Why should surgeon listen to a janitor during surgery?
  P.S.: Just wanted to add that if you will look at history of China China was everything but peaceful. Civil wars were common thing through history. But not under Chinese communist party. Which proves my point.
  Jingwei Yang Chinese living in China.
  Jingwei Yang 本土中国人
  Capital accumulation or the mechanism to foster capital accumulation.
  People especially young people need work opportunity to stay peaceful. No work no peace. This is proved in many countries in the world. To provide works for 1.4 billion people China need huge capital to build factories roads railways schools hospitals etc. and in the process of building all of these many potential unsafe young men were absorbed in work force. Public organizations and instruments from policemen patrolling in the streets to the cameras hanging over head are also another form of capital accumulation.
  In China the fixed asset investment accounted about half of its GDP. It keeps Chinese people busy up going ever more wealthy and unlikely to commit crimes. The real question shouldn’t be why China can make this but rather why other countries failed to achieve this.
  Farzan Safavi Lecturer (2015-present)
  Farzan Safavi 讲师(2015至今)
  Chinese mentality is all about self improvement continues hard work intellectual development family unity and keeping the stability. Taoism and Buddhism is very much rooted in Chinese culture remaining calm and managing energies under every single pressure or problem is a serious Art mastered by many Chinese citizens even the most uneducated rural Chinese manages to smile and remain calm its fascinating really.
  Of course Chinese people are not all saints but considering to most parts of the world. I find them very calm and hard working. They can be overly hard working considering them to westerners when it comes to education and life achievements. Their emphasise on high grades titles and education achievements and this can be exhausting sometimes however living in China makes you patient you naturally will develop self wisdom and enhance your intellectual ability society is more competitive with knowledge as well with money more so with knowledge and education.
  Chinese people do not have the time to be manipulative back stabbing creating crime or be untrustworthy. They invest their time wisely into learning new skills and intellectualism.
  Mervyn Locke Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bull

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