Chinese girls likes Indian men and try to get settled in India. why?
  liberal society
  Chinese men treat women as slaves


  blue bird 印度
  did you go near by them?
  rouge 印度
  heard a story in china dear its patheic, a chinese girl rejected a boy just because he is not rich.it s good to maintain distance from them
  Agnostic 马来西亚
  Ethnic Indians here like to drink toddy ….getting drunk and beat their wives.
  more 加拿大
  beware that Chinese women have much higher rates of STD. it is not a good thing for you, if you don’t want to get some HIV and die.
  HCM 洛杉矶
  哇靠,印度人又难闻JJ又超小,谁会想去印度,我觉得丫在撒谎…… 你这个愚蠢的印度垃圾。
  Yikes, Indian men stink and have much smaller dicks, why would anyone want to go to India, I think this is a lie…. You foolish Indian trash.
  May be you are the one who got STD.
  blue bird 印度
  回Agnostic :中国人也一样,但印度人知道如何讨好老婆而中国人不知道 。
  Chinese is doing the same but Indians know how to pleasure their wives, which Chinese dont know
  Agnostic 马来西亚
  回blue bird:中国人爱喝酒爱大声喧哗但绝不打老婆。
  Chinese do drink, a bit loud mouth, but wives beating is No, No.
  Andrez Lopez 德克萨斯
  Intermarriages of different races improve the human race, physically and mentally.
  john 芝加哥
  回Andrez Lopez :所以,你是个混血儿?妈妈是中国人?……你应该说说中国的民主和改革,而不是盲目支持倒行逆施的中/国/共/产/党
  So, you are a hybrid Chinese …….? Have a Chinese mothers….?You should speak up for democracy and reform in China instead of blindly lending your support tothe discredited and retrogressive CCP.
  回Andrez Lopez :亲爱的,我们真能通个婚来减少种族歧视。
  ya dear thats true we can reduce racial discrimination through this
  we shouldnt have racial discrimination ,most chinese men are friendly,nice,good,warmest,hos pitality and so on. They like drink when they have pressure on work or together with friends.They like their family and children.Of course,some arent good,but if they have mistake,they will change it.If they dont change and still do it,then they stand the serious consequences by themselves.
  blue bird 印度
  all nations have bad people, china has more
  speak now 北京
  i dont see race as a significant factor in a relationship, its all about personal choices
  speak now 北京
  回blue bird:那是因为中国有最大的人口基数。
  yes, but thats because china has the largest population base
  OldMalaysian 马来西亚
  回speak now:相反,中国有更多的“好”人。
  Conversely, China has more ’good’ people.
  spy 印度
  回OldMalaysian :一边唠叨一边踹他们的女奴什么的最赞了。
  ya good at nagging and kicking their wives best in threating women as slaves
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  Indian are selfish people, no one like them in whole world and they only cry loudly indian is best, chines women like indian hahahhaha in dream , indian don’t know how to respect a woamn, in Saudi Arabia you can fine 40% indian nurses working in hospital and 20% house wife and all are fucking women need money and even cheaper than others and their husband giving full chance their friend to invite and fuck their wives. better for you indian biches go to india and try to wash your dirty mind including your dirty body.Even the smell aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh My God so bad like they take shower last year and waiting for next year …….. Look at in mirror and then say who like you, even you will hate your self…. PRINCE
  Allow me to skoo you fooz;China leads list of world’s richest women while in the West, women still only make 62% of what men make.THE WEST IS DYING 纽约
  边读边哭吧!Roland Jones在msnbc.com上的文章:世界最富有的女性榜单上中国名列前茅。前中国领导人邓小平曾经说过,“致富光荣。” 看起来中国女性已经深得其要。周二的金融时报报道,胡润富豪榜白手起家的女富豪名单里,世界最富有的女性一半以上来自中国。报纸上说,世界上三大最富有的女性是中国人,另外在名单前20里有11个中国人,你的世界崩溃了么?
  Read it and weep! China leads list of world’s richest womenBy Roland Jones, msnbc.com editor Former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping once said, “To get rich is glorious.”it seems that Chinese women have taken that to heart. More than half the world’s richest self-made women are from China, according to the Hurun List of Self-Made Women Billionaires, the findings of which are reported in Tuesday’s Financial Times . The world’s three richest women are Chinese, according to the list, which compiles information on the wealthiest people in China, as are 11 of the top 20 on the list, the newspaper said. Kinda bursts your bubble while rocking your world, eh? LOL
  我认为这白小子试图让印度人和中国人战起来…… 没有哪个印度人会傻到去比较中国和印度的家庭暴力… 三分之一的中国家庭有家暴,在印度有约70%的妇女是家暴的受害者。
  me thinks the white boys are trying to get Indians and Chinese to fight…no Indian would be dumb enough to compare Chinese and Indian domestic violence…Family violence strikes nearly one in three families in China, In India, around 70% of women are victims of domestic violence.

  yeah chinese girls are cute,some are working hard ,independence.I think most people love money,they want to have a happy life ,so just need to make more money.This is a commom phenomenon.

  john 芝加哥
  Over the past centuries Indians had passed on immensely valuable knowledge to China. One dearly hopes these types of Sino_-Indian couplings can help in bringing in the values of democracy and liberalism to the Chinese society.

  ya sure mostly asian culture are samejust ideology differs

  The Chinese women over here wouldn’t touch a smelly Indian with a 10-foot pole.

  Brittany 芝加哥
  My fiance is indian.i think his skin color is gorgeous and i daresay he’s comparable to my father.i love him.hm, he’s a muslim though

  umesh india 印度
  first of all i want f**k you people who says Indians have small d**k and they beat their wives, its four years of my marriage i didn’t said rude behave with my wives because we Indians know respect of lady and where millions of peoples lives this kind of beaten news you heard rarely,but still they love each other not like china or USA or other country where they meet girls in one day , s*x on second day no marriage and have baby and in a week or month divorceand most of websites they eat s**t(see websites all are us peoples)which doesn’t happen in INDIA

  rofl 香港
  回umesh india :”印度人jj小还打老婆”


  dzhou 中国
  回IndianPrince :告诉大家中国女孩会吸引咖喱味儿的印度人可没用!你见过几个中国女人和印度男人的夫妇?哈哈哈哈
  Tell everybody Chinese girls attracted to curry smell indianmen will not help!How many Chinese women Indian Man couple have you seen?hahahaha

  MyEmpire 中国
  Nobody in China want indian craps, stop wanking, if anything, the Chinese-indian couples are even much rarer than the White-indian couples, so stop day-dreaming and get lost you pathetic indian craps.

  romp 英国
  maybe because were taller then chinese men.plus they can only have 1 child in china lol.


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