I am a Chinese property agent working in Auckland. Recently I emailed the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters expressing opinions on the housing crisis and immigration policy.

  My family moved to central Auckland in 2001 from mainland China. We came here with the hope of embracing a new lifestyle as well as for the younger generation to receive a superior education.

  Years went by and something curious happened.

  There are poorly designed cheap signs written only in Chinese or with minimal English at every corner of the central suburbs.

  Most of them have part time Chinese students as sole employees.

  ”Going to Auckland is like going to China” they said.

  They felt disillusioned and bewildered. Similar voices are heard among local international students “Are we here to study English or Chinese?”

  While the statistics show there has been 3-5 per cent foreign buyers in the market is it what we have been seeing across the auction rooms or at open homes for the past half decade?

  And I shudder to imagine their feeling when they see the very house they missed out back on the market within a couple of months, this time, with 200k added on top … meanwhile, a champagne is uncorked at another New Zealand property expo in China.

  It is about how do you want your Auckland and your New Zealand to be? Do we want trained, skilled professionals to bring our economy to the next level or all we want to see is another Chinese restaurant around the corner, or foreign visitors mistaking Auckland for China?

  At least it is a well perceived notion among my fellow Chinese that only the “less fortunate” choose New Zealand.

  In the event of any of the above-mentioned countries loosening their immigration policies brace yourself for a downward ride: far fewer people will be willing to pay the same for your home or to lease your shop.

  It is time for us New Zealanders to rethink.


  Simple solution 1st criteria to purchase land or property in NZ should be the simple question can a kiwi by property in the foreigners homeland if the answer is no then that foreigner cant purchase. Do this and the whole property problem goes away.

  Lance Hapeta ・ Yesterday at 1:14am +17

  James Sinclair Im a permanent resident. It takes five years to become a citizen. Why should our family have to rent for five years??!! Bugger off.

  Jim James ・ Yesterday at 1:16am

  Dont be naive. Chinese people buy properties in Australia under their friends and relatives names to avoid foreign investment restriction. That doesnt work

  Michael Ross ・ 23 hrs +10

  Land is over one million per square meter where they come from. Or it was ten years ago.
  Frankly I dont think kiwis have a clue

  James Sinclair ・ 23 hrs +10
  Michael Ross在国外生活的费用……算了吧。

  James Sinclair If it was made citizens only (and thats NOT happening!) we would just use a trust or a shell company to make the purchase. Theres a hundred ways around that so whats the point in making it difficult for apprentice kiwis trying to make their life here???

  Jon Barnett ・ 23 hrs +2

  We bring in immigrants who are buying our houses and business and are richer than most people who are a newzealander to begin with we are being bought off for capital gain and is a joke there are to any immigrants here already I mean I saw two Indians driving a 200k masserati mind my spelling what does that say we are selling off to the rich and they will buy up Nz shamefull politics I say

  Andrew Chiu Kit Tsang ・ 23 hrs +2
  Justin Eagle Hong Kong是的。中国视情况而定,但是中国仍然是共产主义国家,没有一套完善的法律制度来保护私人财产和产权。

  John Key purposely want Chinese investors to buy overpriced and over inflated Auckland real estate.

  Ratana Raymond Taurua ・ 23 hrs

  Here I make it clear you can buy both property and land in HK but only property in China. When you buy the property in china the price includes your cost to lease the relevant land up to 50-70 years for residential but 30-50 years for commercial. Normally when the lease term is due you will pay for lease again for the next same term. Once you have paid for the lease you wont need to pay something like council rates every year. There is a risk to the property owner who may lose the land once the term is due.

  Malcolm Roberts ・ 23 hrs +1
  Michael Ross, 新西兰人能有什么对等知识产权保护?你来自哪个国家?

  Malcolm Roberts I have dual US/UK citizenship so kiwis can buy any property there without restriction.

  Maya Richardson ・ 22 hrs +2

  Its all very simple but politics makes things a big DRAMA.

  Smith Stone ・ 21 hrs +3

  True…. they get loans from Chinese banks on 1% interest. N this is only for Chinese.

  Mark Baker ・ 21 hrs
  Maya Richardson,哦,凡人自有凡人福。

  Michael Ross as long as you can get in and the U.K. Has made that difficult for years!

  Michael Ross ・ 20 hrs
  Pam Rae,不是这样的。在英国任何人都能买房产;不限制你是否居住在那或是有英国国籍或者在那有住所。付钱就有所有权,很简单。

  Ray Chen leasing a property is not buying a property. Its only leasing you never owned it.

  Mike James ・ 19 hrs
  Justin Eagle ,不,你可以租赁房屋。

  Whats the problem with “two Indians driving a 200k ” masserati” Anthony Austin?

  Alfonso Kolonga Mc Intosh ・ 16 hrs
  谢谢你,我也正想说 这件事。

  Michael Ross just curious. ..can someone buy property and live in the US or do you need to get citizenship…if you are a Kiwi ?

  Mike Hughes ・ 11 hrs
  Victoria Palmer,如果是个新西兰人你当然可以在美国买房产,并不要求你是美国居民。你可以来你的房子里度假。想成为居民是另一码事。

  Michael Ross Why shouldnt you if you were really keen on becoming a kiwi and living in New Zealand you wouldnt mind

  Michael Ross ・ 9 hrs
  Victoria Palmer,任何人都可以在美国买房产,美国是个自由的市场。

  Marie Roberts We came to NZ as immigrants with permanent residence. Ive lived in NZ for fours years; one more year and Ill be a citizen. The first thing we did was buy a house before we even came here so we would have a roof over our heads when we arrived. But if James Sinclair (see above) had his way we wouldnt have been allowed to own a house – because were permanent residents not citizens. Thats just stupid and nasty and pointless; that was my point.

  Pam Rae ・ 7 hrs
  Michael Ross为啥你买了房子却不能住??

  Thats why www have a housing problem ! You can purchase a house and land and you didnt live here! That loophole needs to be closed that is why you should be allowed to buy land until you are a citizen. Sorry but thes the truth

  Harry Bidois ・ 7 hrs +1

  you must have an NZ residency or Citizenship to buy any property in Auckland and possibly all of NZ. problem solved

  James Brett ・ 12 hrs +4

  Or non-Chinese. Were in a syndicate doing just that. Sorry about it. Nothing personal its just business.

  Ravin Malarao ・ 12 hrs +1

  Permanent residents and citizens to be able to buy property

  Michael Ross ・ 9 hrs


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